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Third finale, same song. Overkill much? - everybody has a secret world inside of them
Third finale, same song. Overkill much?
Too tired to write anything really serious. So instead, I talk about TV.

I knew what was going to happen, so it wasn't a big shock for me or anything, but still, it was good finale. Not great, but still good. The thing that really got me about the ending though was Sandy and Kirsten and thinking how after they're finished crying (well, okay after Kirsten's fisihed crying) in the poolhouse, they're going to find out that Seth has gone as well. Gah. *hugs them*

Summer also got to me too. Trying to comfort Seth and he's all broody. *sniffs* Seth did bug me a bit, I mean I understand his reaction but still, he might have been a little less harsh.

Marissa? *yawn*

One thing that nearly did ruin it for me though, was the fact that Jeff Buckley's 'Hallelujiah' was used again. Don't get me wrong, love the song, but this is the third season finale I've seen it used in and it's wearing a little thin, and unfortunately the way the OC used it paled in comparion to the way both TWW and WaT used it. It just didn't quite work for me.

Poor Sandy and Kirsten though. And Summer. *loves them*

I watched my first episode of this last week and really enjoyed it. This week's was not as good, but still quite fun to watch. I've always liked Mark Harmon and Micheal Weatherly (and yes, also the way Michael Weatherly looks *drool* ) and the punk lab tech is so cool.The writers also seem to have built a quite nice vibe between all the characters. It does have a little bit of a JAG feel to it, which is understandable given the fact it's in the same universe but that I'm not quite so sure of, but I think I'll keep watching. :

Now, to bed.

I really have to sort myself out.

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surrender_drthy From: surrender_drthy Date: August 2nd, 2004 03:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
See, I watched my first episode ever, in Aussie, a few weeks before it came out here. I watched a whole episode, said 'i think i recognise that guy Gibbs' form somewehre, and 'Kate looks kinda like Shannen Doherty'.
Lex then informed me that Tony was Michael Weatherly. I had to look it up online, cause I just... hadn't recognised him.
When I got home,and it started up here, the FIRST episode, I just went 'DUH!' I mean... how could I miss it. It's SO him. LOL.

The OC... Much to Lexie's horror... I've been reading fics. LOL. Hey, some are quite good. I've only watched parts of a few eps.... mostly at the beginning of the series. Not so bad. Not so good either...
I do however love Kirsten. Cool lady. And I mean, sho can deny the fact that Ryan and Seth are hot as hell?
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