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Third finale, same song. Overkill much? - everybody has a secret world inside of them
Third finale, same song. Overkill much?
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surrender_drthy From: surrender_drthy Date: August 2nd, 2004 03:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
See, I watched my first episode ever, in Aussie, a few weeks before it came out here. I watched a whole episode, said 'i think i recognise that guy Gibbs' form somewehre, and 'Kate looks kinda like Shannen Doherty'.
Lex then informed me that Tony was Michael Weatherly. I had to look it up online, cause I just... hadn't recognised him.
When I got home,and it started up here, the FIRST episode, I just went 'DUH!' I mean... how could I miss it. It's SO him. LOL.

The OC... Much to Lexie's horror... I've been reading fics. LOL. Hey, some are quite good. I've only watched parts of a few eps.... mostly at the beginning of the series. Not so bad. Not so good either...
I do however love Kirsten. Cool lady. And I mean, sho can deny the fact that Ryan and Seth are hot as hell?
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