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find me and follow me through corridors and factories. - everybody has a secret world inside of them
find me and follow me through corridors and factories.
1: My single status has been questioned and thought about just a few too many times in the past couple of months. My brain is having a minor freak out. As it does. *sighs*

2: I love this song. I was a lemming and bought the album today but so worth it.


You know, I remember people saying that they didn't really like this ep, but I must admit, I did.

Jack was grumpy but the whole Jack/Sam scene about the 'holiday to palm springs' was as wonderful as ever. Love that scene. Love it.

Danny, oh Danny. *hugs him* I loved the interaction between him and Vivian about his name and how he'd changed it, and then his bonding with the girl, and then the end, as well Love him. Love him lots. Enrique Murciano does such a wonderful job with him.

I even liked the plot, mostly. Sure, it was a little predictible, but I did like the way they played it out. Also, Bowie song at the end. <3

However,'The sun is good to her.' WTF? Over the phone to Jack? Martin, I know this will do me no good, but keep away from Sam! Now! I mean it! I'm abusing exclamation marks here to tell you to just leave her alone!

That line bugged me so much. The golf cart was painful, but that was worse.

Dad and I spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out where we knew the actor who played Chris. (We finally figured out it was Band of Brothers, which again was a tick in the positive box for this ep, even know it has nothing to do with the actual episode.)

Anyway, yeah, I liked it. It wasn't a 'Copycat' or 'Fallout' or 'Wannabe,' but it was still good TV.

4: Ron Livingstone. <3 (Combined powers of Sex and the City, a Little Black Book interview I saw and memories of Band of Brothers.)

5: Must suck it up and delete some files on this thing. I need more space.

6: I have been having Star Trek:TNG cravings after reading this great overview. Especially craving, 'All Good Things.' I must have seen that ep years and years ago but I still remember it really well.

7: Must write remus_remix fic. Anyone willing to beta sometime this weekend? Warning: It won't be S/R.

8: A guy at Uni mentioned he bought his I-Pod on hire-purcahse. I totally didn't consider that. It has started a dangerous thought pattern in my head.

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Current Music: Franz Ferdinand- The Dark of the Matinee

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chili_powda From: chili_powda Date: August 6th, 2004 01:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ah, "Confidence." Jack and Sam's convo saves that ep for me. ;) Even my guy roommate was like, "Why is Martin looking at her like she's a piece of meat?" Heh.
From: blackeyed_girl Date: August 6th, 2004 09:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
That song just rocks. Am listening to that album now. *dances* Such...fun music!
From: eolivet Date: August 8th, 2004 08:41 am (UTC) (Link)
Diiiie, golfcart, DIIIIIIE!!!

Ahem. ;)
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