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Stealing Harry. So good. - everybody has a secret world inside of them
Stealing Harry. So good.
So, I might have stayed up all night reading Stealing Harry. *sheepish look* So good though, so good. Totally worth it.

Luckily I have nothing to do today until 4:30 when I have work, so I can sleep now. I was pondering seeing The Bourne Supremacy today, so I might just get a couple hours sleep and do that.

Fic so good. Sirius/Remus as wonderful as ever. Sleep now.

Current Mood: impressed impressed
Current Music: Bic Runga- Get Some Sleep (no, really)

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surrender_drthy From: surrender_drthy Date: August 29th, 2004 05:52 pm (UTC) (Link)
read it, loved it ;)
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