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everybody has a secret world inside of them
Right, I said I was going to post these as a block, but I changed my mind.

Here's the first, others forthcoming.

Fandom: Alias
Pairing: Sark/Sydney
Rating: PG13 but only for language.
Words: 406
For: misssimm Who requested this pairing with the line, 'Coffee?'
Warnings: My first time writing these characters, just getting used to them.

Hopefully this is okay, Clara. :-)

UndefinedCollapse )

Have also been writing non drabble meme Sirius/Remus. Might post later once I've polished it a little.

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Hmmm. All of the drabbles/ficlets I'm writing for the request a drabble/ficlet meme are from fandoms I haven't written before. Should be intersting, but I think I'm up to the challenge. Might post them all at once, or as I go, we'll see, but probably won't be till the weekend.

I've also recently heard that they're making a movie version of Pride and Prejudice, which I just looked up on IMDB here. Now, I love the book and adore the six hour mini-series that starred Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth (really need to buy it) so I was a little apprehenisve when I heard about it and still feel that way after reading that page and a couple of brief articles.

Cast rambling hereCollapse )

Also, the mini-series was six hours long, the movie won't be nearly that. I fear for what they're going to cut. Overcoming the mini-series is going to be quite a feat.

Finally, a question for anyone who has watched Law and Order regularly for a few years.

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Now I said to myself I wouldn't be up at 2am with class at 9 and work later on tomorow and look at the time. *resigned sigh*

Ramdom: I bought Music From the OC: Mix I the other day and it's wonderful. :D

Longing: Spooks Season Two is now on DVD here and I get paid tonight. Matthew McFadyen so good. Show so good. I will give in, I can feel it.

Is there any show which has a bad Season Two? All the shows I follow seem to have a kickass Season Two. [/random musing]

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Wherein I ramble about Emmy nominationsCollapse )

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I have chocolate cake.

I have a can of Coke.

I have new and more importantly good comics. *hearts Brian K Vaughn, Magento/Xavier and Joss Whedon*

I have a copy of the issue of Entertainment Weekly that has the WaT cast in jeans.

I am watching a Top Gear episode I haven't seen. *hearts BBC World*

And despite the fact I've just finished a ten hour shift at work, life is good.

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You'd think after last night's less that four hours sleep for no good reason I would have learned, but you know, apparently not. I have work at 9:30 and after today's misadventures while half asleep with the expresso machine, you'd think I would have gone to bed early. Not so much.

Life at the moment has mostly been work, work, work and while this is good for my bank balance, it's bad for any wishes I had to take a break for the sake of my brain.

I did actually get to sit down and watch West Wing tonight though and if not for CJ I may have given up on the episode entirely. *sighs*

Also watched bits and peices of Any Gvien Sunday which I still like due to my weaknes for both football movies and Al Pacino. While I admit it isn't the greatest movie (and Jamie Foxx *cringes*) and goes on for way too long, the way it's shot and put together in terms of camera angles is just gorgeous.

I also have an HP fic rec which I know has been recommended by countless others, but I had to do it again because it really is that good. that the science of cartography is limited by dorkorific (Remus/Sirius, R). Just, complicated, heart breaking and wonderful.

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This post by heidi8 about a certain one year anniversary just brought it all back. Only a fictional charcter, I know. Still not over it damn it Beautiful post and a beutiful thread though.

This song is beautiful as well. Not in your typical way, but it just is. And you can download it free and legal.

Anyway, should sleep. Law study tomorrow. I can hardly contain my excitement.

When I am fee of this and have time to immerse myself in a long fic, I really need to read Stealing Harry. Mmm, denial.

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Cut for your convenience because it's all TV rambling.

The OC 121: The Goodbye GirlCollapse )

I love that TV2 played this back to back.

Stargate SG1 721 and 722: The Lost City Part I and IICollapse )

Really feel like watching more Sci-Fi right now .... woe my lack of Sci-Fi series DVDs.

I even got most of (one of) the essay(s) done today and I think I even undertand it. Woo. :)

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Just came back (well, almost) from seeing Shrek 2 and it was brilliant. Brilliant. Right up there with PoA as far as great recent movies go in my opinion. I haven't laughed that hard at a movie in quite some time. So good. Definitely have to see it again. :-D

Essay? Yeah, the less said on that the better. *coughs guiltily*

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Help. I think I've developed an addiction to Amazon's Free Download service. So much new music. So pretty. And it's even legal. Help. I fear for my dwindling hard drive space.

And yes, I have written some of the essay. Just over 500 words of 3000. Shuddup.

I think it's safe to say it's going to be a spam day today.

Disclaimer: This post may have been influenced by the combined powers of caffeine, chocolate, udon and panic.

On a more serious (and less crazy) note: Anchor deals Berlusconi nasty blow. Interesting article about the Italian European Parliament elections. It refers to a female news anchor not a sea anchor. ;) 73% turnout is particularly interesting. How the man who controls 90% of the Italian television media could be allowed power anyway, I have no idea. Not so good news in Germany though. Schroeder suffers election rout. Poor Gerhard. Here's hoping his party improves before the next election.

Last Edit: OMG cover of David Bowie's 'Starman.' So good.

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Hehe. I for no real reason just went back and looked at some old entries of mine. Essentially, I'm still quite similar to how I was then but I'm posting less (at the start, over two years ago now, I posted sometimes 6 times a day o.O) venting less and swearing a lot less in posts than I did, which is odd as I still swear a lot in real life. I was still crinigng in places but all in all it seemed a bit too familiar. Procrastination whine, fic and fandom are good, I hate that I care what people think, the odd political rant and so on.

I've been thinking of changing my LJ name to reflect something that's maybe a little more me now (though I can't think of what) but I don't think I could ever really delete this completely as I've seen some people do, unless something big happened. I don't know, for the pointlessness it frequently contains and how it sometimes makes me shudder to see how I formatted my posts and overreacted, this is a record of some big things that happened to me and although I'm posting less and certainly not posting about all the things in my life (though I have been thinking of writing a Deep Introspective Post at some point,) it's still me, for better or for worse.

Anyway, there's my bit of LJ contemplation for the week, month, year, sometthing.

Now to Law notes and tomorrow, the writing of essays. Yes.

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