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everybody has a secret world inside of them
So, I've made a decision. Please, don't all die of shock.

For a while now I really haven't liked my LJ username as it doesn't really mean anything to me anymore, or if I'm being honest, hasn't ever really meant much to me at all. It was chosen hastily about two and a half years ago and I'm not really all that attached to it. So, I decided to give myself a new one. At first I thought maybe I'd just buy a name change but the more I thought about it the more I realised I wanted more than that. So, this will be my last post in this journal. I'm making a new one.

This doesn't mean I'm leaving fandom, at all. I've grown too attached. All it means is that I'll have a new LJ. There might be a few small changes but it's still going to be a mix of fandom and RL because that's the way I like it. It's all me, you know and I don't really like compartmentalising myself like that.

Feel free to defriend this journal. I won't be deleting it but I won't be posting in it any more either.

As for my friends list. Yeah, I am going to crop it a little bit. If I do defriend you, it is nothing personal, just that either our interests have diverged or I don't find myself reading your posts that often.

I was thinking of doing this on a more momentous occasion like when I went overseas, but I just feel like doing this tonight. Now seems right.

So, as my last act on this LJ, I will wish eolivet a very happy birthday and just, go.

I was going to write I hope it doesn't inconvenience anybody but in the end, it's my decision, right? And if it does, well, I am sorry that's the way it goes.

You can now find me at the rather ambiguously titled aworldinside.

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Current Music: Howie Day- Come Lay Down

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So, I might have stayed up all night reading Stealing Harry. *sheepish look* So good though, so good. Totally worth it.

Luckily I have nothing to do today until 4:30 when I have work, so I can sleep now. I was pondering seeing The Bourne Supremacy today, so I might just get a couple hours sleep and do that.

Fic so good. Sirius/Remus as wonderful as ever. Sleep now.

Current Mood: impressed impressed
Current Music: Bic Runga- Get Some Sleep (no, really)

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So, yeah, it's snowing outside. Quite heavily.

It's not completely unheard of in Christchurch (we usually get a little bit once a year) and it's not really settling or anything, but still, snow.

*goes to watch it*

Current Mood: snow
Current Music: Nina Nastasia- The Long Walk

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1: My single status has been questioned and thought about just a few too many times in the past couple of months. My brain is having a minor freak out. As it does. *sighs*

2: I love this song. I was a lemming and bought the album today but so worth it.

3:Without A Trace 203: ConfidenceCollapse )

4: Ron Livingstone. <3 (Combined powers of Sex and the City, a Little Black Book interview I saw and memories of Band of Brothers.)

5: Must suck it up and delete some files on this thing. I need more space.

6: I have been having Star Trek:TNG cravings after reading this great overview. Especially craving, 'All Good Things.' I must have seen that ep years and years ago but I still remember it really well.

7: Must write remus_remix fic. Anyone willing to beta sometime this weekend? Warning: It won't be S/R.

8: A guy at Uni mentioned he bought his I-Pod on hire-purcahse. I totally didn't consider that. It has started a dangerous thought pattern in my head.

Current Mood: cynical cynical
Current Music: Franz Ferdinand- The Dark of the Matinee

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Too tired to write anything really serious. So instead, I talk about TV.

The OC: The Ties That BindCollapse )

NCISCollapse )

Now, to bed.

I really have to sort myself out.

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Current Music: Jet- Move On

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Fandom: Sports Night
Pairing: Jeremy/Natalie
Rating: Oh, PG, maybe.
Words: 263
For: eolivet: Who asked for this pairing with the words, 'I just feel like you've lost faith in me.' ;)

Sorry it took a while. I hope you like it. :-)

Once LostCollapse )

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Current Music: The Verve- One Day

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My week hasn't really improved but I've lost the will to be in a bad mood anymore, which means I've basically just stopped caring about everything for a minute and it feels pretty good. It won't last for long of course but I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

My website is now all working which makes me happy in a delightfully geeky way. Only the home page and recs page are actually uploaded and the layout needs an overhaul but I do quite like the new banner I put together.

I also uploaded a new vid to my shiny new webspace. I actually put it together ages ago (it uses epsidoes up to CSI 4x12: Butterflied and WaT 2x12: Hawks and Handsaws) but I haven't had anywhere to put it where I could share it.

Title: The Tower.
Fandoms: CSI and Without A Trace.
Song: 'The Tower' by Vienna Teng.
Pairings: Grissom/Sara and Jack/Sam, but it's really more of a Sara and Sam vid.
Format: WMV, approx 9MB.

Right click, save as, please.
And if you do watch, tell me what you think. :-)

So, yeah, now I really should think about this abstract. *tries to rouse dormant motivation, fails*

Current Mood: geeky geeky
Current Music: Michelle Branch- Tuesday Morning

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Fandom: The West Wing
Pairing: Sam/Ainsley
Ratiing: PG, maybe but I doubt it.
Words: 389
For: dramaturgy: Who asked for any sort of Sam fic with the words, 'Yes, that was sarcasm. Got it coupled with ‘sparkling wit.’ Two for one sale, you know.'

Hope you like this, Liz. :-)

Marching and ChasingCollapse )

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Current Music: Placebo- Come Home

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Today has so far not been that great of a day. I had planned to get things done but in the end I just know they're not going to happen. I have things due this week but I have no motivation to do anything whatsoever and whatever I do to procrastinate just makes me feel worse.

There was however one exception:

The latest chapter of the shoebox_project. Which was just wonderful and which made me cry. Not that that's hard you understand, but yeah, so good. *sniffs* *hugs the puppies*

However, I can't help smiling at this song because damn, some of Bowie's lyrics are so fucked up.

I think I'm going to go for a walk, see if I feel any better.

[Icon also Shoebox inspired.]

Current Mood: annoyed, but only at myself.
Current Music: David Bowie - The Jean Genie

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Fandom: The West Wing
Pairing: Josh/Sam
Rating: Eh, G probably
Words: 395
For: mirabehn: Who requested Josh/Sam with the words, ‘I’m not finding this very easy.’

Hope you like it, Elly. :-)

Worth ItCollapse )

Current Mood: awake awake
Current Music: Ash- There's A Star

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