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Meme Drabble Eins: Undefined (Alias) - everybody has a secret world inside of them
Meme Drabble Eins: Undefined (Alias)
Right, I said I was going to post these as a block, but I changed my mind.

Here's the first, others forthcoming.

Fandom: Alias
Pairing: Sark/Sydney
Rating: PG13 but only for language.
Words: 406
For: misssimm Who requested this pairing with the line, 'Coffee?'
Warnings: My first time writing these characters, just getting used to them.

Hopefully this is okay, Clara. :-)


What they had was undefined, by them or by anyone else. It just was what it was.

They talked. About nothing, about their favourite coloured M&Ms, about the meaning of life, about her mother, about everything except work, because this wasn’t about that.

They fucked. Sometimes passionately (even viciously) sometimes less so. Slower. Gentler. Because it took their minds off everything else.

They even occasionally went for coffee. Sydney remembered the first time. When this had all began.

She’d been crying. There was a shock. She felt him approach.

‘What do you want?’ She’d tried to sound as together as possible. She’d probably failed.

He just stood there for a minute, like he was trying to decide what to say, but she knew that wasn’t it because she knew Sark had known what he was going to say before he even turned up.

She knew him quite well now. She didn’t know quite how she felt about that.

She’d gotten angry. It had been a long day. ‘What. Do. You. Want?’

He continued to stand there.

She’d gotten fed up and turned to go.

He grabbed her arm and said one word, simply, without pretence, ‘You.’

She’d loooked at him. Mascara must have been running down her face. She’d run out of the waterproof kind and hadn’t exactly planned to be crying today, though given her past experiences; perhaps she should have been more prepared. She’d never used to wear mascara…

He loosened the grip on her arm and bought his hand up to stroke her face.

She’d raised an arm to stop him but had paused when his fingers touched her skin.

After a few seconds he brought the arm down. ‘Coffee?’

She’d looked into his eyes and saw all that she’d once and perhaps still despised, but not just that, no; she’d seen something else as well. Something she didn’t quite understand but found she wanted to.

She’d nodded.

They still went for coffee, but today the circumstances were a little different.

‘Would you like some more coffee, sir?’

He looked up with a smile, ‘Please.’

She was disguised as a waitress in a Paris café and he was waiting on an arms dealer from the Ukraine.

What they had wasn’t simple, easy or ideal but sometimes there were days when you just needed someone to care, or someone to fuck, or someone to hold.

And Vaughn was far too dead to stop it.

Have also been writing non drabble meme Sirius/Remus. Might post later once I've polished it a little.

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