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everybody has a secret world inside of them

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21 year old University student studying Diplomacy and International Relations, probably destined to write a Masters thesis at some point in her near future. Also hopefully destined to travel in the near future as I've learned so much about the world outside NZ and have actually seen none of it.

Fandom addict. Book, comic, movie or TV fandoms (I'm even starting in on anime and manga), you name it. I put it down to me being insatiably curious (otherwise known as being a nosy bitch) others might say I'm just a total geek, which is an argument that has some merit.

This journal is a mix of real life and fandom ramblings (and they are ramblings) smushed together as my brain sees fit. Feel free to friend away, if I know or see you're from fandom I'll probably friend back, if I've friended you randomly (and that does happen quite often), hey. :)

This journal is on permanent hiatus. If you're for some reason interested in reading my ramblings I can now be found at aworldinside.